The Bail Bond Process

Find Out About the Bail Bonds Process

When a person is charged with a criminal offense and a bail amount is set, there are three options. The first option is to sit in jail until and through the trial. The second is to post cash bail for the entire amount of the bail to get out of jail. The third is to have a bail bond company, such as North Main Bail Bonds, post a bail bond on your behalf.



You contact NMBB Agent 24 hours by number 713.844.8000.



Your NMBB Agent will ask you for specific information about your friend/relative who is detained. Your Agent may also require some other information about the defendant (previous arrests, residency information).



You provide NMBB with a percentage of the total bail amount (typically only 10%) or arrange financing and we will cover the additional 90% of the bail amount.



We will contact the jail facility and determine exact bail information and arrange to have your friend/relative released. Your NMBB Agent will contact you as soon as arrangements have been completed.