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Bonds processed via Express bail are posted within 30 minutes to 1 hour. No matter the time of day or night, our expert agents are here to help you. All you need to do is to complete the short form on the Express page of the website. After you click Submit, we will start your Express Bail. After posting a bond on your behalf, you can pick up your loved one.


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Now it is not necessary for you to visit our office to make a payment. We provide you with an easy system of online payments. You can visit the Make payment page of our website. Just fill out the form and click Submit, and your payment will be completed.

When a judge sets bail, the person charged with a criminal offense faces a choice. They can remain in custody until the trial concludes with a verdict. That could take months, years, or even decades. On the other hand, they or someone they know could pay the full amount in cash. Depending on the size of the bail, that may be more than the average person can afford.

The final option is to seek help from a bail bond company, which will post most of the bail in exchange for collateral. Bail bonds act like insurance policies. They allow a criminal defendant to be released from jail on condition that they appear before a judge on a specified date. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the court keeps the bail money, and the bail bond company has the right to seize the collateral.

What Is a Bond

A criminal defendant, or someone close to them who acts as a co-signer, contacts a professional bail bond provider like North Main Bail Bond Co. The bail bondsman puts up the money on two conditions:

1) The defendant or co-signer must pay a nonrefundable 10% fee up front. The bond company will then pay the other 90%.

2) The defendant or a friend/relative must offer some form of collateral in case the defendant misses the court date and the bail bond company loses its money.

How Do Bail Bonds Work

Step 1: Call North Main Bail Bond Co. any time of the day or night at (713) 844-8000. You can also use our online Express bail bonds system to secure a bond.

Step 2: Provide all the required information to the Harris County bail bonds agent from NMBBB.

Step 3: Pay the 10% fee.

Step 4: Allow us to contact the jail, work out the particulars, and pay the remaining 90%.

Contact us today to start the bail bonds process and secure the immediate release of your friend or family member.

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